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TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL – the fight for $15

Posted in Baseball, Employment, Minimum Wage, Strategy, Team Development

The economics of work and the divergence in earnings among workplace participants is always a conundrum. A recent Toronto Star newspaper column reported that Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder, Andrew McCutchen, receives a pay stub for each regular pay period in the gross amount of U.S.$820,659.88.  As of May 22, 2015 McCutchen’s batting average was a modest… Continue Reading

Tainted Blood – revisited

Posted in Strategy, Team Development

One of my biggest challenges was handling the first case of HIV tainted blood.  This was a class action suit.  The Deputy Prime Minister at the time said, “Don’t ask me how, that is why we hired you”.  I knew then that everything was on the line with this case.  It was the first of… Continue Reading

Creating the Best Roster

Posted in Baseball, Strategy, Team Development

Whether you are a small independent company or a large multi-national and now multi-generational organization, you will need to have a deep roster that can handle the fast-paced ever-changing global marketplace.  Finding top talent is not usually an easy task.  As a partner and managing practice group partner my experiences here are quiet deep. It… Continue Reading