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THERE IS NO JOY IN MUDVILLE – (With apologies to Ernest Thayer, Bob Rae and Jack MacDonald)

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August 12, 1994 was the day that ball players last walked off the job or struck out literally in MLB.  That Strike resulted in the balance of the 1994 Season including the World Series being cancelled.  No one needs to remind former fans of the Montreal Expos about the details they have them painfully etched… Continue Reading

Pinch Hitter Post: The Rules Are the Rules

Posted in Temporary Lay off

Every now and again, it comes time to bring a pinch hitter to the plate. This week’s post comes from Jordan Kirkness –  a fellow lawyer at Baker   McKenzie in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Thanks for the post Jordan!  Dear Readers & Followers – enjoy! When speaking of the Employment Standards Act and rulings in terms of… Continue Reading

Sometimes a Swimming Pool is Just a Swimming Pool

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This  was the comment of the Ontario Court of Appeal in the Occupational Health and Safety Act case, Blue Mountain Resorts Limited v. Ontario (Labour), 2013 ONCA 75 decided in February of 2013. “The Pitch” The Blue Mountain case dealt with the application of the OHSA employer reporting requirements under Section 51(1) and the preservation of the accident scene requirements of Section 51(2)… Continue Reading

A Snitch in Time

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The Canadian Federal Government Budget, delivered on March 21, 2013, was indeed a “conservative” financial recipe for baking the future Canadian economic pie..  The Budget contains  very modest, but well conceived, spending initiatives aimed at: job creation; skills training; and infrastructure;  as well as much needed help for the Manufacturing Sector .  However, the Budget… Continue Reading