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An Homage to the Great American Past Time

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to HRC & RAD I could have been with her, But, then I thought, this Election has been bought. This daughter of the middle class, No Thatcher she, Sold her soul for Wall Street cash. A dark knight in tainted armor strode upon the field, to fight for the honor of coal miners, steelworkers and the like. And… Continue Reading

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL – the fight for $15

Posted in Baseball, Employment, Minimum Wage, Strategy, Team Development

The economics of work and the divergence in earnings among workplace participants is always a conundrum. A recent Toronto Star newspaper column reported that Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder, Andrew McCutchen, receives a pay stub for each regular pay period in the gross amount of U.S.$820,659.88.  As of May 22, 2015 McCutchen’s batting average was a modest… Continue Reading


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These days the concept of ‘Money Ball’ is ubiquitous.    Even the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey team wants to play money ball.  Perhaps that is the answer to nearly 50 years of frustration for Leaf fans…having the team switch sports. The ‘Money Ball’ concept evolved from the mind of baseball guru William Lamar “Billy” Beane… Continue Reading

A Spring Election or a Classic Fall?

Posted in Baseball, Employment, Strategy

Ontario Provincial elections are  a lot like the playoffs in baseball leading to the World Series (the Fall classic).  You get to see the best “pitchers” in action head to head and all mistakes are magnified in importance. Progressive Conservative Party Leader Tim Hudak is a veteran of a prior campaign but doesn’t have a… Continue Reading

Sometimes a Swimming Pool is Just a Swimming Pool

Posted in Baseball, Strategy

This  was the comment of the Ontario Court of Appeal in the Occupational Health and Safety Act case, Blue Mountain Resorts Limited v. Ontario (Labour), 2013 ONCA 75 decided in February of 2013. “The Pitch” The Blue Mountain case dealt with the application of the OHSA employer reporting requirements under Section 51(1) and the preservation of the accident scene requirements of Section 51(2)… Continue Reading

A Snitch in Time

Posted in Baseball, Strategy

The Canadian Federal Government Budget, delivered on March 21, 2013, was indeed a “conservative” financial recipe for baking the future Canadian economic pie..  The Budget contains  very modest, but well conceived, spending initiatives aimed at: job creation; skills training; and infrastructure;  as well as much needed help for the Manufacturing Sector .  However, the Budget… Continue Reading

Kathleen Wynne’s Victory is Good News for Organized Labour and potential bad news for the NDP

Posted in Baseball, Collective Bargaining, Employment, Labour Law, Strategy

The victory by Kathleen Wynne at the Provincial Liberal Party Leadership Convention is a “Home Run” for trade union’s in Ontario. It now appears that among Ms Wynne’s first acts as Premier Designate will be to call the Teacher’s unions and invite them and their fellow travellers, such as  the  Canadian Union of Public Employees, … Continue Reading

Bill C-377 Passes in the House of Commons – Is this a Sign of the End of the Harmonic Convergence?

Posted in CAW, Labour Law, Strategy

With December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar, just around the corner, amazing things are happening.  Evidence in this regard is the fact that the Canadian House of Commons, on December 12, 2012,  passed Bill C-377 amending the Income Tax Act with respect to certain disclosure requirements for labour organizations.  The Bill will… Continue Reading

2nd Inning: The Union Brand

Posted in CAW, Labour Law, Strategy

In any new organization, and newly merged organization and identity is required.  Like any business a brand is critical to success.  There was a time when you could sing the song about ‘look for the union label’ – an ‘80’s commercial from the former International Ladies Garment Workers Union.  That helped to develop the union… Continue Reading

Tainted Blood – revisited

Posted in Strategy, Team Development

One of my biggest challenges was handling the first case of HIV tainted blood.  This was a class action suit.  The Deputy Prime Minister at the time said, “Don’t ask me how, that is why we hired you”.  I knew then that everything was on the line with this case.  It was the first of… Continue Reading

Creating the Best Roster

Posted in Baseball, Strategy, Team Development

Whether you are a small independent company or a large multi-national and now multi-generational organization, you will need to have a deep roster that can handle the fast-paced ever-changing global marketplace.  Finding top talent is not usually an easy task.  As a partner and managing practice group partner my experiences here are quiet deep. It… Continue Reading