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THERE IS NO JOY IN MUDVILLE – (With apologies to Ernest Thayer, Bob Rae and Jack MacDonald)

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August 12, 1994 was the day that ball players last walked off the job or struck out literally in MLB.  That Strike resulted in the balance of the 1994 Season including the World Series being cancelled.  No one needs to remind former fans of the Montreal Expos about the details they have them painfully etched… Continue Reading

SUNRISE or Sun Set on Employer Communication Strategies?

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The 2013 Decision of the Ontario Labour Relations Board (“the Board”) in the case of Service Employees International Union, Local 1 Canada v. PRP Senior Living Inc. (colloquially know as “the Sunrise Decision“) and subsequent application thereof has definitely caused some uncertainty in the employer community concerning the scope of the employer ‘right of free… Continue Reading


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These days the concept of ‘Money Ball’ is ubiquitous.    Even the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey team wants to play money ball.  Perhaps that is the answer to nearly 50 years of frustration for Leaf fans…having the team switch sports. The ‘Money Ball’ concept evolved from the mind of baseball guru William Lamar “Billy” Beane… Continue Reading

Kathleen Wynne’s Victory is Good News for Organized Labour and potential bad news for the NDP

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The victory by Kathleen Wynne at the Provincial Liberal Party Leadership Convention is a “Home Run” for trade union’s in Ontario. It now appears that among Ms Wynne’s first acts as Premier Designate will be to call the Teacher’s unions and invite them and their fellow travellers, such as  the  Canadian Union of Public Employees, … Continue Reading

7th Inning: Victims of Success

Posted in CAW, Collective Bargaining, Labour Law

There was a reason that unions developed – in the past.  Understanding that unions have worked hard to advocate for excellent legislation in many area of employment standards, health & safety and more, leads me to think about how they have become victims of their own success. With the emergence of knowledge-based industries, the relevance… Continue Reading

4th Inning: An Open Union?

Posted in CAW, Collective Bargaining, Employment

Part of ‘Towards a New Union’, the CAW CEP Proposal Committee Final Report, talks about building an ‘open membership’. The plan is to open membership to the ‘super-union’ to retired people, employees from   unsuccessful organization attempts; individual workers in non-unionized environments  including freelancers and the self-employed (?) and more.  It sounds like the new union… Continue Reading