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The Legal Playing Field Everything I needed to know about the law I learned on the softball diamond


Welcome to the Legal Playing Field.  I am Bill Watson.  Since I was six years old, two things were prominent in my life – baseball and the law.  I knew I would be a lawyer then.  I am a fiercely competitive athlete in a 5’2” frame.  I give everything I have to my team – whether in the courtroom or on the field, to win.

On the Field

Both the law and baseball are important to me.  I don’t stick with anything that doesn’t give me great joy.  The law, its intellectual challenge and baseball give me that joy.  I work with a spectacular team of professionals that round out my roster.  I am known for being a ‘seventh in the line-up batter’ because I surround myself with people who can get the job done.  This blog will focus on cases as well as the role of managing partner – and its own set of employment and engagement opportunities.

I have been with the same international firm since the day I started practicing over 30 years ago.  The experience I have gained being involved with firm changes, talent acquisition and strategy development had given me the strategic focus required to operate in the big leagues.  I am a member of my firm’s North American Legal Council and have extensive experience with the International Labour Organization.

My clients scope to range from large multi-national corporations to small local independents.  Clients want my experience. Clients want my batting average. Clients know we will hit home runs regularly on a timeframe that evolves as the case progresses.

The law is not a game.  This blogger holds the utmost respect for the law.  And when that is put together with a passion for team sport, excellence and winning together, you get the Legal Playing Field.  Welcome and I look forward to your feedback, questions and comments.