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An Homage to the Great American Past Time

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to HRC & RAD

thanks to the Toronto Sun for the image

The Knuckleball

I could have been with her,
But, then I thought,
this Election
has been bought.

This daughter of the middle class,
No Thatcher she,
Sold her soul
for Wall Street cash.

A dark knight
in tainted armor
strode upon the field, to fight
for the honor of coal miners, steelworkers and the like.

And now the apprentice
has the wheel.
The whole world awaits
the gist of the deal.

Is he a slugger
or just another “Blake”.
How much more
can we mere fans/vassals take?

He says he’ll play ball
with those he likes
take our lumber, maybe oil
If we’re nice.

Meanwhile, downtown Students and Intellects
What are these Burpies
All about?

And as if all this wasn’t bad enough
Our knuckle baller, R.A.
Fled the “6”,
for a mound down South.

But this much we know,
despite her clout
Mighty hrc